#02 –EPISODE 2

A cellulosic cup, glued without glue, it’s possible!

To produce a new recyclable, biodegradable, home compostable and adhesive-free packaging! … but how can this be done?


It’s a simple principle! To produce a new recyclable, biodegradable, home compostable and adhesive-free packaging! … but how can this be done? The CTP has found the solution for the future… thanks to two breakthrough processes, chromatogeny and ultrasonic welding (or adhesive-free gluing).

Accelerating development of chromatogeny at an industrial scale, a breakthrough technology that has been developed over the last 20 years... This is one of the CTP’s ambitions! Papers grafted by Chromatogeny have controlled, reproducible and competitive properties that can integrate perfectly into the life cycle of conventional papers. These new “goretex” papers are produced using the CTP’s Chromatogeny Pilot and its patented process. Using this revolutionary breakthrough technology, tomorrow’s hydrophobic papers and materials can be tested and produced at a semi-industrial scale. This pilot is the only one in the world that can perform grafting by chromatogenic chemistry under industrial conditions.

The CTP team is helping to accelerate developments by processing sheet formats or rolls on paper machine widths of up to 30cm, at speeds ranging from 50 to 400m/min. Under a partnership with a converter who developed the technology on its production site, services can be provided at an industrial scale on paper machine widths of 1.2m, with assistance from experts at the CTP.

In the context of a collaborative ANR project with the 3SR laboratory, the LGP2 laboratory and SONIMAT, the CTP has also perfected an ultrasonic welding process for papers and boards, which:

  • eliminates glue and the associated food contact problems for paper and board packaging,
  • guarantees a sharp reduction in the costs related to packaging recycling, and the absence of mineral oils or other contaminants,
  • achieves performance levels comparable to those of adhesive-based assemblies in terms of adhesion quality, energy cost and production rate.

An instrumented welding device has been developed in order to be able to make the connection between power delivered, energy absorbed, temperature increase and adhesion development. Coated boards (with a pigment coating to ensure printability) demonstrate a degree of suitability for assembly using ultrasonic welding.

The complementary expertise of the CTP experts and these innovative projects and technologies have led to the development of a welded, adhesive-free hydrophobic cup in the context of a partnership with Citéo! The future is already here...

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Project leaders = Philippe MARTINEZ & Marie CARON