#06 –EPISODE 6

High-performance laboratories for food packaging

The principle is simple: Food preservation & Packaging inertia


In the food sector, packaging must allow the preservation of food while guaranteeing consumer safety. To do this, they must have adequate barrier properties (to water, fat, water vapour, oxygen or contaminants) and be inert with respect to the food: they must not release constituents that are dangerous to human health, modify the composition of the food and alter its organoleptic characteristics.
Aware of the opportunities offered by the paper-cardboard material, the CTP has developed methods in its laboratories to provide manufacturers with the means to characterise the properties required for food packaging and to verify its compliance with the regulations in force.

  • Evaluation of barrier performance
  • Chemical risk assessment of food contact materials
  • Microbiological safety of food packaging
  • Organoleptic inertness of food packaging
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Project leader = Matthieu SCHELCHER