#07 –EPISODE 7

Proficient laboratories to qualify all cellulosic materials

The principle is simple: for each use, a different material!


Boards and papers are a part of everyday life and can be found in many different forms, from toilet paper to corrugated boxes, from boards cases for food packaging or medicines to security papers such as passports or bank notes.

Each time paper is used, there is a purpose for which it is intended and a level of performance expected. The CTP's physical testing laboratories are able to characterise a very large number of cellulosic materials using standard and non-standard test methods. The reliability of the measured performances is ensured by the metrological follow-up of the equipment (standards, control card, verification) and is certified by the COFRAC accreditation of the laboratories.

Project leaders = Sylvie MOREAU TABICHE, Laurence LEROY et Marie CARON