#08 –EPISODE 8

The recyclability tests for industrial reality!

The CTP has developed the only test adapted to industrial reality... you just have to test!


The recycling ability must be verified by recyclability tests... The Centre Technique du Papier has developed a specific method as close as possible to industrial reality, which makes it the most efficient test currently on the market: the CTP-REC21 test protocol.

Packaging placed on the European market must meet the Essential Requirements of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive 2018/852/EU. These requirements cover the design of the packaging but also the end-of-life recovery. The 2018/851/EU directive places material recycling as a priority ahead of biodegradability and incineration with energy recovery.

In order to match the industrial recycling chains, the CTP has developed a laboratory test close to the industrial reality. This test allows to :
  • Check the initial composition of the packaging (more than 50% by weight of paper-board material)
  • Check the aptitude for disintegration thanks to the pulping step
  • Check that unwanted elements are removed at the coarse and fine screening step
  • Assess the visual quality of the papers produced and if necessary trigger the heavyweight cleaning step to remove residual unwanted elements not retained at the previous screening step
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Project Leader : Alain COCHAUX