#09 –EPISODE 9

How to valorise biomass?

The valorisation of natural materials can be done in different ways... More information thanks to FCBA Grenoble!


The valorisation of natural materials can be done in different ways depending on the objectives and needs of the markets. Several options are tested at FCBA Grenoble thanks to the use of sometimes unique equipment developed to offer solutions to industries in need: forestry producers, second life materials, new resources, co-products, etc. Biomasses are resources in molecules or fibres whose properties vary according to the characteristics of the materials (species, plots, etc.) and the transformation or implementation processes. The possibilities are numerous and in order to provide answers and orientations in the ways of valorisation, FCBA has equipped itself with equipment and skills in the transformation of materials, their implementation and their valorisation.

These possibilities are :

  • Extraction of molecules from biomasses
  • Transformation of raw materials into corpuscular elements of different dimensions
  • Obtaining fibres of various morphologies
  • Simulation of industrial transformation processes
  • Valorisation of extracted chemical compounds (cellulose, lignins, hemicelluloses...)
  • Introduction of biobased compounds in manufacturing processes
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Project Leader : Mickaël LECOURT (FCBA)