#10 –EPISODE 10

Moulded Cellulose, the "tailor-made" way to go from plastic to fibre!

Ever heard of moulded cellulose? Yes, the egg carton... no big deal! Well, it can be used to make dishes, platters, trays, plates, cans and even bottles - in short, almost anything you want.


Ever heard of molded cellulose? Yes the egg carton, no big deal… In fact, yes!! It can be used to make dishes, trays, plates, cans and even bottles - in short, just anything you want. Molded cellulose is aesthetic, light, soft to the touch and environmentally friendly: 100% cellulose, which means it's 100% renewable, 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable!
Aware of the opportunities offered by this material in a challenging environmental context, CTP has invested in a thermocompression molded cellulose pilot plant. The aim is to provide manufacturers with a flexible test bench for carrying out all types of studies: development and prototyping of new products, choice and valorization of raw materials and additives, optimization, etc. New features and barrier properties can be added to these objects thanks to the 3D spray pilot, a 6-axis robot equipped with a spray head for 3D surface treatment. 

Pilot-scale testing and production of innovative 3D cellulose objects means:

  • Small-scale production of 3D cellulose objects by molding
  • Testing fibrous raw materials
  • Developing new fiber types
  • Prototype new products (mold testing, etc.)
  • Test and select functional additives (and coatings)
  • Research innovative manufacturing concepts
Today, faced with new regulations banning the use of single-use plastics and fluorinated products, the field of molded cellulose is developing rapidly to provide an alternative to petroleum-derived materials.  By keeping a close eye on cutting-edge research and market developments, as well as the rich know-how in fiber management acquired over more than 65 years of experience, we are able to provide you with the right solution for your needs.
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Project Leader : Yotam NAVON et Claire MONOT