#12 -EPISODE 12

Water at the heart of industrial concerns

The CTP laboratory truck, our experts on site to respond LIVE to industrial needs...


Water at the heart of industrial concerns! ...The CTP laboratory van, expertise on site ...
How can we anticipate water stress? How can we meet the demands of the DREAL? What would be the impact of reusing treated water on the process? Is investment in additional treatment necessary?
The Mobile Laboratory and the CTP simulator: two specific tools for dealing with water restrictions and complying with regulations. More than 50 water circuits have already been assessed!

Thanks to its mobile laboratory, the CTP can travel to your site to carry out the analyses needed to build a digital twin of your plant. Based on this digital model and the CTP's expertise in water management and effluent treatment, we can offer you various scenarios for improving water use, assessing the impact of reusing treated water on process water, and ensuring the sustainability of your production during periods of drought while complying with the regulatory requirements for your discharges. Our simulator predicts the physico-chemical quality and temperature of the water and discharges according to the scenarios proposed. It is a decision-making tool for defining the investments required in additional treatments and for reducing water withdrawals and discharges.

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Project Leader : Stéphanie PRASSE