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Characterisation of lignocellulosic materials

Morphology of fibres, shives and fines

  • To measure the main dimensions and morphological characteristics of fibres, shives and fines from all grades of pulps and papers/boards
  • To correlate the quality of pulps and papers/boards to the properties of their constituting elements
  • To study the impact of mechanical and/or chemical treatments
  • To evaluate the variations in characteristics of fibres/shives/fines during the pulping process

General informations

The dimensions and morphological characteristics of elements in pulps and papers/boards can be measured reliably and representatively, with auto-matic analysers based on image analysis.

The MorFi Néo and « Grande Veine” realise a mor-phological and characterization of constituting ele-ments in pulps and papers/boards. The analysis of fibres, shives, vessels and fines is carried out from a fibrous suspension through a cell equipped with a video camera and a light source.

The Fiberflex analyser measures the wet fibre flexi-bility and the relative bonded area index (RBA). The principle is based on the examination of fibres through a microscope lens combined to a CCD video camera.

Technical Data and Achievements

MorFi Néo Analyser

The fibrous suspension circulates in a measurement cell where an optical system, composed of a high resolution CCD video camera and a light source, acquires images, which are immediately treated by a computer. Duration of a measurement: 10 to 30 minutes.

The MorFi Néo analyser considers a fibre as an ele-men with a length higher than 200 µm, a shive as an element with a width higher than 75 µm. The fines are elements with a length lower then 200 µm..

Measurements and results

Fibres - Mean value and distribution (10 classes) for:

  • Fibres content
  • Arithmetic and weighted length
  • With
  • Coarseness
  • Kinks (frequency and angles)
  • Curl
  • Broken fibres

Fines – Mean value and distribution for:

  • Fines content
  • Length
  • Width
  • Surface

Shives and vessels- Mean value and distribution for:

  • Shives or vessels content
  • Length
  • Width
  • Surface

A high resolution module is coupled to the MorFi Néo analyser for the optical measurement of fibre cell wall thickness in link with their width.

For only measuring the cell wall thicknesss of fibres, use of the MorFi CWT analyser (Cell Wall Thickness).

MorFi « Grande Veine » analyseur (InTechFibres FCBA)

This equipement allows analysing suspensions composed of coarser elements and gives the same data as the MorFi Néo analyser.

Fiberflex analyser

Wet fibre flexibility: The fibres are automatically deposited on a glass support, on which calibrated metallic wires have been placed perpendicularly. The measurements are carried out according to the Steadman and Mohlin’s method, which simulated the deformation and the chemical bonding submitted to the fibres during the paper sheet formation.

Inter-fibres bonding potential (RBA): The fibres are automatically deposited on a glass support without wires. The Relative Bonded Area Index is the ratio between the surface of the fibres in contact with the glass support and the total surface of the fibres, ac-cording to the Clarke’s method.

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MorFi Néo analyser   Fiberflex Analyser

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