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Published on : 04/20/2023
Submission of a petition to the BfR (Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung) XXXVI.

In order to switch the development of Chromatogeny into a real industrial innovation for food contact applications, the filing of a petition dossier to the BfR XXXVI was essential!  This is done! This petition file has just been submitted! It aims to obtain authorisation, through a European reference text, to use certain grades of paper with barrier protection functionalities and treated by Chromatogeny, to come into contact with food.

To this end, a risk  assessment was carried out on these treated papers and boards in order to assess the migration capacity of the reagents and compounds generated during the conversion process. At the end of this study, co-financed by CITEO, no risk of toxicity for the consumer was identified. The complete dossier was submitted to the BfR at the beginning of April. The first feedback from the jury is expected in November. 

The material thus generated have barrier properties to fatty and/or moist foodstuffs as well as to water vapour. The interest of these materials is to replace plastic packaging for short to long term conservation at room temperature (bags for dry food, wrapping paper, fast food, canteen type restaurants, etc…) or hot filling for short term use (cups for hot drinks).

Great prospects for the end of the year!

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