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Published on : 05/05/2023
SAVE THE DATE | Invitation to our shared Project FLEXLAM
Wednesday, May 31th 2023 – INDUSTRIALS ONLY

Replacing plastics by biosourced alternatives for flexible and rigid packaging is a concrete solution to the ecological transition. With its 65 years of know-how and experience, the Centre Technique du Papier invites you to take part in the new collective project FlexLam. Its goal is to produce  all-cellulose barrier materials for flexible packaging by using the technology named wet lamination of MFC (MicroFibrillated Cellulose). The Scope Definition Meeting is FREE and NOT BINDING. We propose both face-to-face meeting in Grenoble and distance meeting (remote).
Please contact us if you need more information !

More information on the Pilot Sheet (Wet Lamination Pilot) and by uplaod here
More information on the project by contacting us...

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