Flushability Laboratory

Supporting the development of your disposable hygiene products

- A wide range of toilet and drainline clearance test configurations, dispersion and sedimentation tests, and household and municipal pump test rigs
- A skilled operational team for fully confidential testing
- The only independent laboratory recognized in Europe by the EDANA and INDA associations to attest to the flushability of non-woven disposable products

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Microbiological Analysis Laboratory

Health, food contact compliance and safety of paper/board products

- Measure microbiological contamination of paper/board products
- Evaluate the microbiological quality of materials
- Check the fungus resistance of materials
- Guarantee the microbiological safety of a packaging intended for food contact

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Sensory Analysis Laboratory

Odour, Flavour, Softness

- Guarantee that the organoleptic properties of a foodstuff are not altered by its packaging
- Evaluate an off-flavour potentially transmitted to food through direct or indirect contact with a paper/board material
- Evaluate the odour of a paper/board material that will be in contact with food
- Estimate the softness of tissue papers or products

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The Laboratory Truck

Mobile laboratory for operations on industrial sites

- Operate on industrial sites with high-performance technical equipment suitable for water analyses
- Collect, measure, condition and analyse samples in minimal time
- Perform physicochemical, biochemical and microbiological assessments of water circuits and wastewater treatment plants.

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Effluent Treatment

Water management and effluent treatment laboratory

- Measure, condition and analyse samples of effluents and discharges
- Perform effluent treatment tests; verify compliance of discharges
- Assess water circuits and the performance of wastewater treatment plants
- Condition and recover (for energy) wastewater treatment plant sludge and paper/board by-products

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Chemical analysis laboratory

Chemical characterisation, food contact, compliance and product safety

- Perform qualitative and quantitative tests of the organic and inorganic compounds in your paper/board pro-ducts, additives, effluents, black liquors, etc
- Identify and quantify the presence of chemical contaminants according to the applicable regulatory frameworks
- Check and verify the quality, safety and compliance of your products according to a specific statutory docu-ment or set of requirements

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Laboratory for Physical Properties Testing

How will you characterise your papers and boards?

- Structural tests
- Optical properties
- Mechanical strength
- Air permeability, absorption of liquids
- Smoothness, roughness, wear

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Printed electronics laboratory

Facilities adapted to the needs of paper electronics

- Print substrates with functional (conductive, resistive, dielectric, electroluminescent, etc.) inks or barrier inks
- Print RFID antennas using conventional printing facilities
- Create electroluminescent surfaces

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Printability Laboratory

Adapted, customised devices

- Print in the laboratory
- Evaluate the printability of all substrates: paper, board, plastic, textiles
- Study the relations between ink and paper
- Develop the quality and machinability of print substrates

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Laboratory for Fibres Analyses

Characterisation of lignocellulosic fibres from wood and annual plants

- To measure the dimensional and morphological characteristics of fibres
- To analyse statistically these characteristics
- To compare the fibrous elements of different biosourced materials
- To understand the impact of processes on lignocellulosic fibres

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