Our HR Policy

With nearly 60 years of experience, the CTP is recognised by many industrialists and our experts work all over the world. Joining us means benefiting from our knowledge and our network, participating in future projects and contributing to the development of the paper industry.


  • To ensure the development of our employees' skills,
  • To maintain team spirit through local management,
  • To encourage innovation and initiative in teams.


Research but also Consulting, Expertise, Services and Training: our business lines are constantly evolving and diversifying according to market needs.


  • Applied research at the service of industry and more particularly at the service of the paper sector
  • An exceptional technological environment: Grenoble benefits from an industrial fabric and a world-renowned scientific centre,
  • An exceptional natural environment in the heart of the Alps.

Because our teams, made up of talented men and women, are our wealth, we invite you to join us by submitting your application.


In order to support our values (Cultivating Customer Satisfaction, Generating Ideas, Creating Value, Mobilising Competence Networks, Federating Interests) which are expressed through the men and women of CTP, we implement a social policy to guarantee equal treatment between our employees in terms of Recruitment, Training, Remuneration and Working Time.

This policy continues to bear fruit as the CTP has once again improved its rating on the gender equality index to 93/100 (vs. 92/100 for 2022), demonstrating the effectiveness of the actions implemented, monitored by our staff representatives and our commitment to these values.

Furthermore, professional equality between women and men is an important social and societal issue and the CTP has always placed this subject at the centre of its concerns. The Gender Equality Plan (GEP) is a document drafted by companies to promote actions in favour of gender equality; it is based on the numerous works that have been carried out by different bodies on these subjects. This document is currently available for download on our website.

Download by clicking HERE :  plan-egalite-hommes-femmes-projet-ctp-final