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Citeo-CTP partnership (2022-2028)

Six years to unleash the full potential of paper and board!

Paper and board is renewable and recyclable, and has yet to reveal all its strengths. Given the pressing need to reduce environmental impacts, there is still room for improvement. Building on the past six years of collaboration and innovation in paper and paper/board packaging, Citeo and the Centre Technique du Papier (CTP) have just renewed their partnership. With one key aim: developing their innovative solutions at an industrial scale to make them available to companies in tangible ways, and hence meet the expectations of consumers.

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SpotView (2016-2020)

Sustainable Processes and Optimized Technologies for Industrially Efficient Water Usage

The 3 main objectives of the SPOTVIEW project were:
-    to develop and demonstrate innovative, sustainable and efficient techniques,
-    to optimize the use of natural resources, especially water, in three industrial sectors (Dairy, Pulp and Paper and Steel),
-    to assess a total of 14 existing and new separation and treatment technologies at pilot scale.

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Sherpack (2017-2020)

A sustainable, recyclable, and biodegradable high barrier flexible packaging material

- Produce two proofs of concept for an innovative food packaging material that is compatible with a circular
- Develop the three breakthrough technologies required in order to produce this material

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Produce high concentration MFC (microfibrillated cellulose)


Reconsider compression for a new alternative refining process


An innovative blister, recyclable and biodegradable

- To anticipate the French Law against waste and for Circular Economy (AGEC) which bans the use of plastic films for delivery of printed documents (newspapers, magazines, advertisements, etc.) from 2022.
- To create a transparent paper to replace plastic blister packs for magazines and newspapers.
- To support the implementation and production of this new innovative cellulose packaging

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Produce a recyclable, biodegradable and bio-based paper with water and oil barrier properties