Smart paper, biomaterial, printed electronics, bio-based material

Smart paper and printing of the future, & Biomaterials, bioenergy and bioprocesses

These are two of the future-oriented themes pursued by the “TekLiCell” technological platform developed through the partnership between the Grenoble INP group, the Centre Technique du Papier (CTP) and Grenoble INP–Pagora with support from the Rhône-Alpes regional authorities in the context of European Regional Development Funds (ERDF).

Objectives of the platform

The platform was inaugurated in 2010 with the objective of combining the forces of the three organisations to:
  • Gain greater national and international visibility for the “research, training and innovation in papermaking, printing and packaging/converting” cluster;
  • Develop collaboration with industrial partners, especially SMEs;
  • Ensure synergy with all the laboratories within the Grenoble INP group and their partners;
  • Enable the cluster to claim a position as a global leader in certain identified scientific and technological areas.
Today, the operational facilities are managed by the partners and scientific coordination is handled by the Carnot Polynat.

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The following specific facilities of TekLiCell were financed jointly through ERDF funds in the context of setting up the platform:

  • Water-based surface treatment pilots: laboratory size press, curtain vacuum pump, coating colour deaerator, cooling roller
  • Thermomechanical surface treatment pilots: water box, steam box, infrared dryer
  • Water/solvent -free treatment pilot: chromatogeny pilot, on-line plasma
  • Industrial printing pilots: rotogravure unit, screen printing unit, flexiproof pilot, digital press
  • Instruments for characterising papers, coatings and fibres: maximum bubble pressure, flavour permeability cells
  • Instruments for understanding various phenomena: high-speed inkjet pilot, microdrop
  • Instruments for characterising papers and inks: rheometer, exclusion chromatography, fluorescence microscope
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Since then, the facilities and topics of TekLiCell have been complemented by other CTP platforms, especially MALICS et ImprimLab’.

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Scientific coordination of the TekLiCell network is currently provided by the Carnot Polynat institute.