Effluent Treatment

Water management and effluent treatment laboratory

  • Measure, condition and analyse samples of effluents and discharges
  • Perform effluent treatment tests; verify compliance of discharges
  • Assess water circuits and the performance of wastewater treatment plants
  • Condition and recover (for energy) wastewater treatment plant sludge and paper/board by-products

General informations

The CTP’s Effluent Treatment Laboratory is fully equipped to perform analyses and tests in the following areas:

  • Physical, chemical and biochemical characterisation of effluents
  • Effluent and additive treatment testing: primary, biological aerobic and anaerobic treatments – Compliance of effluent discharges
  • Assessment of water management (potential savings and improvements)
  • Management of effluent treatment sludge (coagulation / flocculation / dehydration)
  • Energy recovery from effluent, sludge and paper/board by-products
  • Specific assessments: characterisation of starch in circuits, etc.


Water is essential and used in large quantities in the paper industry for the production of paper and board. To preserve resources and limit impacts on the environment, the CTP provides industrial firms with high-performance equipment and methods for characterising effluents and water treatment methods.


The laboratory is equipped with the following apparatus to characterise effluents, chemical additives and treatment sludge (non-exhaustive list):
  • Probes for measurement of physical and chemical properties: dissolved O2, pH, redox, conductivity, turbidity
  • Filtration manifolds for measurement of suspended solid
  • Ovens / chamber furnaces / laboratory balances for measurement of suspended solids, mineral and organic matter
  • Spectrophotometers for colorimetric and micro-method measurements: COD, nitrogen (total, N-NH4, Kjeldahl, nitrates, nitrites), phosphorus (total, P-PO4), sulphates, sulphites, calcium, VFA, etc.
  • ATPmetry measurement kit (bacterial activity)
  • Bench for measurement of starch levels in water and colloidal/dissolved fractions
  • Eppendorf micro- and ultrafiltration cell
  • Jar test (coagulation and flocculation test)
  • Microflotation tester (colloid separation)
  • Activated sludge respiration and inhibition testing (Strathtox Kelvin instrument)
  • Activated sludge aerobic biodegradability tester
  • Measurement of the methane potential (BMP) and anaerobic biodegradability of effluents and sludges
  • Measurement of gases (CH4 / H2 / CO2) using gas chromatography (µGC SRA)
  • Sludge and paper/board by-product sludge dewatering tester, rheometer (Floccky Tester), and filtration cell
  • Parr 6200 isoperibol calorimeter for measurement of calorific value (NCV / GCV)

traitement-effluents-2   traitement-effluents-1
Activated sludge respiration measuring device and activated sludge aerobic biodegradability tester   Flottatest laboratory microflotation (colloid separation) tester

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