Coating Pilot

Paper and board coating for graphics, barrier and speciality applications

  • Develop coated paper and board for printing and writing, packaging and speciality markets
  • Compare the performances of paper and board substrates, coating products or processes
  • Produce reels for making demonstrators

The little story of the pilot

After its high-speed coating machine was shut down in 2003, the CTP acquired a highly versatile medium-size pilot that can be used to carry out day-long tests in a cost-effective manner, in order to meet the requirements of its clients.
Since the pilot was installed, the CTP has carried out a few tuning operations. There is no point in looking for any blue or orange neon lights on the machine. Instead there is a high evaporation capacity drying arch, a cooling cylinder, and since 2020 a brand-new transmission system.
What the CTP hasn’t changed is its pilot team, who knows the machine inside out and has been performing trials for many years.


General characteristics

  • Sheet width (max.): 370 mm
  • Reel diameter (max.): 800 mm
  • Grammage: 35 - 350 g/m²
  • Speed: 50 - 125 m/min
  • Mandrel diameters: 70 - 76 - 100 - 120 - 152 mm
  • Concentration range: 2 - 75% (depending on rheology, coating process, machine speed and drying capacity)
  • Cooling cylinder supplied with water at 4°C
  • Filters on each coating station
  • Thermostatic control of coating colour feed
  • Minimum coating colour volume: 50

Coating stations

  • Size press (roll hardness: 15 and 25 PJ)
  • Blade (steel or Soft-Tip) or volumetric rod


  • 3 infrared dryers
  • 150 kW/dryer
  • 2 air impingement dryers (1 and 2 sides)
  • Tmax: 280°C
  • Nominal evaporation rate at 95 m/min: 347 kg/h/mpaper width
  • Temperature sensors between each drying station

Formulation preparation

  • Coating preparation kitchen:
    - Batch cooking of starch and polyvinyl alcohol
    - Batch slaking of pigments
  • Formulation characterisation:
    - pH, water retention, solid content
    - Brookfield viscosity
    - Surface tension
  • Coating colour optimisation as trials are carried out, depending on requirements:
    - Modification of the formulation (e.g. with additives)
    - Modification of rheological properties.

Pilote Couchage

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