Laboratory for Physical Properties Testing

How will you characterise your papers and boards?

  • Structural tests
  • Optical properties
  • Mechanical strength
  • Air permeability, absorption of liquids
  • Smoothness, roughness, wear

General informations

Our laboratory holds COFRAC Testing accreditation no. 1-0552 (scope available at as per the ISO 17025 standard.

The physical properties testing laboratory operates as follows:
  • On request
  • In the context of determining compliance with specifications, standards, regulations
  • Comparative analyses of products,
  • Quality control monitoring of paper and board and/or finished products
  • Expert appraisals of products
The tests can be carried out:
  • On receipt of samples
  • After pre-conditioning and standardised conditioning
  • After variable conditioning
  • Following an artificial ageing cycle (temperature, moisture, cold or light).
Measuring compressive strength (Varipress)

Measuring compressive strength (Varipress)

Carton opening strength

Carton opening strength


  • Optical devices with a variety of geometries, light sources and observation conditions
  • Instruments for measuring properties such as surface, smoothness and roughness or topography or for characterising textured or braille-embossed papers and boards
  • Permeability measurement apparatus
  • Instruments for measuring the mechanical properties of papers and boards
  • Apparatus for measuring dimensional stability (Varidim), compressive strength (Varipress) and curl of papers under variable humidity conditions
  • Apparatus for measuring sheet formation and for determining tensile stiffness indices and fibre orientation
  • Climate-controlled chambers with adjustable temperature and humidity; light fastness testers
  • Specific instruments for corrugated board: ECT, FCT, RCT, CCT, glue line strength
  • Specific instruments for papers and tissue products: thickness, water absorption capacity, ball burst, softness, dispersion, disintegration in water.
Observing the quality of a crease

Observing the quality of a crease

Accredited tests

The scope of our accreditation covers some twenty paper and board tests: 

  • Structure: grammage, thickness and moisture content of paper and board
  • Mechanical strength: burst of papers, boards and corrugated boards, tearing resistance, tensile strength, static and dynamic bending resistance, folding endurance, short-span compressive strength
  • Absorption of water - gluing: water absorption capacity, Cobb method, sizing/writing degree
  • Smoothness, permeability: Bekk smoothness, Bendtsen roughness, Bendtsen permeability
  • Optical properties: brightness, whiteness, opacity, colour.

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