Expertise in plant chemistry


A partnership to valorise the lignocellulosic materials

The InTechFibres partnership has been created in 2004 to share the expertises of CTP and AFOCEL (today institute technologique FCBA) in the domain of lignocellulosic fibres production from wood and annual plants. This project was made a reality by gathering human and technical means in CTP building in 2006 and by orientating the research towards new themes dedicated to the valorisation of lignocellulosic materials.

Objectives of the platform

This platform proposes to Wood-forestry chain industrialists scientific competences and laboratory and pilot facilities to:

  • Valorise the lignocellulosic raw materials, wood and annual plants, in fibres and fibres derivatives (MFC)
  • Extract molecules of interest with a high added value or considered as building blocks for the production of biosourced chemicals
  • Develop the biorefinery concept for the Wood forestry chain mills
  • Reduce the production costs of these products and the environmental impacts (water, energy, chemicals)
  • Characterise the products to facilitate their utilisation in different applications

Laboratory tools and pilot facilities allow reaching these objectives and to validate the pro-cesses and products before the industrial transfer.

This partnership allow gathering competences in the following domains:

  • Characterisation of lignocellulosic raw materials
  • Production of lignocellulosic fibres with chemical, mechanical or chemi-enzymatic processes
  • Bleaching of lignocellulosic fibre
  • Production of microfibrillated cellulose (MFC)
  • Extraction of molecules before, during and after the fibres production
  • Simulation of processes at different scales: laboratory and pilot
  • Modelling the used processes
  • Understanding the mechanisms involved in the processes, with especially microscopic examinations (optical and electronic)
  • Determination of the relationships between raw materials, processes and products
  • Simulation of first and second converting products (pulps, papers/boards, wood panels, insulating panels, process panels etc.) combined with their characterisation.



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