Testing Laboratory

Organoleptic inertness of Paper and Paperboard

Odour, Off-flavour transferred to food, Food contact

  • Evaluate the odour of paper and board intended to come into contact with foodstuffs
  • Evaluate the off-flavour potentially transferred to a foodstuff, after direct or indirect contact with a paper or a paperboard
  • Check the conformity of paperboard packaging, utensils or crockery from a sensory point of view

General informations

Our Sensory Analysis Laboratory verifies the organoleptic inertness of materials and packaging made of paper and paperboard by relying on the evaluations of our specialized, qualified and regularly trained panels.
Our methods are applicable to all types of paper and paperboard intended to come into direct or indirect contact with foodstuffs: coated / non-coated materials, printed or not, cooking articles, packaging materials and tableware (plates, cups, straws, cutlery, coffee stirrers, etc.).
The tests are carried out according to the foreseeable conditions of use with different simulants or real food and according to the requirements of the regulatory reference system (DGCCRF, BfR, EC).

Technical Data and Achievements

Odour assessment of paper and board

  • EN 1230-1 Standard
  • Storage between 20 and 24 hours at 23 ± 2 ° C in the dark before evaluation

Evaluation of the off- flavour transferred by all types of paper and board including coated and / or printed

  • EN 1230-2 Standard by indirect contact
  • Foodstuffs tested: milk chocolate, icing or powdered sugar, dry biscuit (other on request)
  • Contact conditions: 44 to 48h at 23 ± 2 ° C, 53 or 75% humidity, in the dark (other on request)

Evaluation of the off-flavour transferred by packaging materials and tableware

  • ISO 13302 standard by indirect or direct contact
  • Foodstuffs tested milk chocolate, milk, cold or hot water, butter or margarine, rusk (other on request)
  • Contact conditions: as close as possible to real conditions

Evaluation of the off-flavour transferred during baking

  • DIN 10955 standard by direct contact
  • Foodstuff tested: model «cake» (Baking Parchment test)
  • Direct contact during baking as close as possible to real conditions

Specialized, qualified and trained panels

Two panels of evaluators internally selected (performance monitored continuously in order to guarantee the quality of the evaluations) :

  • “Odour” panel trained to detect odours linked to paper and board materials
  • “Flavour” panel trained to detect any changes in the taste and smell of food following contact with paper and board materials
  • Evaluation: multicomparison test. Estimation of the intensity of the odour or any flavour transferred with a scale from 0 to 4


The Sensory Analysis Laboratory is accredited by COFRAC Analyses n° 1-0552 (scope available on based on the ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

Evaluation des odeurs   Inertie organoleptique des Papiers-Cartons

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