Collaborative projects

EIPIT (2017-2021)

Printed Electronics for Printers-Converters

  • Adapt the application of existing printing systems to functional inks
  • Develop generic technologies that can be applied to printed media
  • Apply and combine technologies with a view to marketing innovative functional printed media for new applications

Aim of the project

The objective of the EIPIT project (the French acronym for Printed Electronics for Printers-Converters) is to help printers and converters develop functional printing in general, and printed electronics in particular. The principle involves using existing printing systems to apply not colour but inks to the printed medium, bringing new high value-added features such as light, connectivity or interactivity.

EIPIT will lead to the development of innovative or even breakthrough products for conventional commercial printing firms, especially those located in the Hauts-de-France region of northern France.

EIPIT, a flagship project focusing on printed electronics for innovative printing and converting companies.

The EIPIT project is sponsored by the Centre Technique du Papier in Douai. It is supported by the Hauts-de-France regional authority and partially subsidised by the European Union and the FEDER fund for this region.

The first stage covered a period between January 2017 and December 2019. The six regional companies that participated benefited from the emerging generic technologies invented at the ImprimLab’ innovation hub also set up thanks to this project and associated with it.

The second stage, involving eight industrial firms and a professional federation, began in 2020. Its blend of public and private funding was eventually validated in the spring of 2021.

Generic technologies were matured over both stages. With support from ImprimLab’, the aims are to:
   - Have the tools and pilots required to develop the generic technologies at laboratory scale,
   - Transfer these new technologies to the standard equipment used by the companies participating in the project,
   - Use the generic technologies to develop ground-breaking products,
for each of the project’s partner companies.

But also to:
   - Implement awareness-raising and training actions, and to
   - Propose a range of services
for all companies nation-wide, using other types of funding.

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